the B-decree

Hear ye, hear ye, this proclamation by Worker B.

B wary of synthetics

It’s a proven fact… synthetic chemicals are absorbed through the skin and are difficult for your body to break down. Excessive irritation, redness, dryness and even chronic disease can be linked to overexposure of these chemicals. We demand ingredients straight from the hive and of purest origin. Bursting with actives, these ingredients help even the most persistent of skin conditions – without any irritation at all.

B sweet to your skin

The constant use of harsh detergents, acids and abrasive scrubs can actually perpetuate sensitive skin conditions and even accelerate the aging process. For healthy skin that loves you back, try exfoliating just 1-2 times per week followed by applying our lotions, serums and creams containing naturally nourishing and soothing ingredients. For a sweet weekly treatment, simply add raw sugar to our Raw Honey Face Wash, massage on your skin and let sit for 20 minutes. You won’t believe the results!

B sun savvy

A little Vitamin D is healthy, but too much and your skin pays the price. We prefer physical blockers like Titanium Oxide and Zinc Oxide over synthetic chemical blockers (if the ingredient is hard to pronounce, it’s probably synthetic) that can absorb into the skin and do more harm than good. To enhance your skin’s protective benefits, layer on your Worker B products before your sunscreen and after your day in the sun.

B healthy (as least as often as you can!)

Good skin care is an inside-out practice through nourishing the body with local, organic food, regular deep sleep, limiting alcohol and soda intake, and of course, using healthy, raw, natural skin care. For a supplement that can help boost immunity and vitality, try our Propolizer, which contains a strong dose of the bee’s favorite form of protection, pure propolis.

B good to the birds and (especially) the bees

Worker B supports sustainable beekeeping by sourcing only from local, antibiotic and pesticide-free hives from non-migratory beekeepers. We also believe prettier things come in more sustainable, earth-friendly packaging. Our artfully-designed tins, glass bottles and paper products are recyclable and reusable, so you can splurge on saving your skin without the guilt.

B conscious

The bees are in danger. That means we are in danger. We actively and passionately promote responsible and sustainable beekeeping. Please educate yourself. Learn more here.