This is the first installment of Worker B’s new series, “Meet the Products.”  In this edition we look closer at the Recue Putty.

It is undeniably the middle of winter here in Minnesota and Recue Putty returns as our right-hand man.  Snow shoveling, playtime with the huskies and overall dry conditions make this our go-to product for hardworking hands. . .and feet!


Concept and Usage:
Putty, the name says it all.  This is Worker B’s most intense product, intended for the harshest conditions and most heavily damaged skin.  A thick, tacky formula, the Rescue Putty stays where you put it, taking a longer time to fully absorb.  Look out cracks and splits!


Ingredients and Formulation:
Beeswax, Raw Honey, Organic Olive Oil, that’s it.  This is a nut oil free formulation, making the Recue Putty suitable for even the most sensitive and reactive skin.  We incorporate the raw honey at very low temperature to preserve all of the virtues of raw honey.


What others are saying:

We know why we created the putty, and we are even more interested in how our loyal customers are putting it to the test.  Here are a few of our favorites:

“My daughter is on vacation in Wisconsin and bought your rescue putty. She said her eczema looks better in just a few days. Thanks!”  From Valerie via Facebook.

“I met up with you guys at the Baltimore Expo. Bottom line is that I have Raynauds Syndrome and it is so painful. My nails crack , peel away, my fingers swell and the cycle continues. I’m a chef in an Organic kitchen so it was easy to rule out harsh chemicals and any form of a contact inflammation. The nail degeneration occurs only on my right hand but I can see the progression quickly when it flares up.

Two weeks before the expo, I had NO finger nails or nail bed on 4 of the 5 fingers of my right hand. I’ve been using the Rescue Putty, just a small amount and now 2 fingers are near perfect with nails growing and no pain. The other 2 fingers have always been the worst but they are in the best condition that they have been in two years. Thank you for an amazing, clean product. A doctor wanted to give me a script for a topical that has formaldehyde in it! Well, that just wasn’t an option! ~peace~”  From Gina via email.

“I am taking a cancer drug which has made my skin extremely dry, cracking and painful. My daughter gave me Worker Balm B for Christmas, and it works great on my hands.  Thank you.”  From Pam via email.

For more product details and customer testimonials, you can view the full Rescue Putty page here.

Up next on ‘Meet the Products,” we look at the Raw Honey Face Wash.