In the second installment of Worker B’s series, “Meet the Products” we look closer at the Raw Honey Face Washes.

With winter (hopefully) winding down, we are looking towards rejuvenation and the beginning of a new season.  Spring cleaning for your skin with Worker B’s Raw Honey Face Washes.


Concept and Usage:

Soap and sulfate free, these two formulas aim to provide gentle, yet thorough facial cleansing.  While these products do not lather like traditional cleansers, they operate the same and clean without stripping the skin.  The Raw Honey Face Washes may also be used as a face mask, simply leave on for up to a half an hour and rinse off. For a luxurious at home facial treatment, follow up with a couple drops of Worker B’s facial serums.


Ingredients and Formulation:

Two separate formulas, one for dry/normal skin, one for oily/normal skin, both for sensitive skin.  These are unique formulas that let the raw honey and natural oils do the cleansing.  For drier skin we incorporate ingredients looking to soften and nourish the skin.  For more oily prone skin we have produced a slightly more astringent formula that looks to balance out the complexion.


What others are saying:

We know why we are excited about the Raw Honey Face wash, but our loyal customers have always said it better.  Here are a few of our favorites:

“I have been using Proactive deep cleansing face wash for the last 5 years with mixed results.  I have sensitive oily skin and most chemical harsh face wash dry me out.  This face wash is the best I have ever used and will not go back to Proactive ever again.  I have not had a single break out since I started using this Product  30 day ago. My wife bought it for me to try and I love it.  Keeps my face breakout free and moisturized.”  From B. Mislinski via the website.


“I’ve always had sensitive face skin and maybe I should say problematic with break outs, so I tried different washes and cremes but always wanted to find a natural product. This is it!

Using the face wash for dry to normal skin really helped me get a better looking & healthier face skin. It doesn’t cause break outs but exactly the opposite, it calms my skin down and makes it so soft and healthy looking! My face feels better moist and glowing. Sometimes I don’t even need a face moisturizer because my skin feels balanced.

At first I used the wash for oily to normal skin, but now I switch it for the wintertime with the one for dry skin. Combining it with the dawn serum also really helped to get the night care I needed for my skin. I thought the oil might give me break outs and clogged pores, but it actually never had problems. I even recommended this brand of products to my girlfriends and family.  Thanks Worker B! Keep doing what you are doing!”  From Vassi via email.


“I have to tell you… I don’t usually use a lot of soaps and washes… I have a natural loofah I use with mainly water and a little bit of organic body wash. I rarely use anything other than water to wash my face, mostly because I have never found anything that works and doesn’t dry out my skin or leave it feeling gunky. I have fallen head over heels for your face wash! It is AMAZING. I have used it every other day this week and it leaves my face feeling SO soft and… rejuvenated! I want to thank you for creating such an incredible product… you have certainly found a new customer!” From Tiffany via email.


“Thank you so much for your Honey Face Wash (oily/normal). My face has been sensitive all my life, so when I developed rosacea, traditional pharmacopoeia only made my skin angry. I found your Honey Face Wash by chance at a local honey farm store and gave it a try. Within a week, my face was calm and beginning to heal. Now three weeks in, my skin is beginning to forgive me and has a beautiful, healthy glow. Well done, Worker B!”  From Cat via the website.


For more product details and customer testimonials, visit the Raw Honey Face Wash page.

Up next on ‘Meet the Products,” we look at the Dawn Serum.