In the fourth installment of Worker B’s series, “Meet the Products” we look closer at the Worker B Cream.  The Cream is one of our two original products . . . a cornerstone of the Worker B product line!


Concept and Usage:

We formulated the Cream to provide relief to hard working hands and sooth troublesome skin.  This product can stand up to tough scenarios and has been employed by nurses, teachers, metal-workers and mechanics.

Try the Cream in tough scenarios: before and after gardening, on itchy, sore or dry skin, and even on pet paws!


Ingredients and Formulation:

Worker B Cream is just two ingredients: Organic Olive Oil and Beeswax.  This is a clean and pure formula for even the most sensitive of skin.  The Cream even goes one step further; this is a nut-oil free formula.

As always, Worker B products are water free – no small proportion ingredients here!


What others are saying:

We know why we are excited about the Cream, but our loyal customers have always said it better.  Here are a few of our favorites:

“After reading all the great reviews, I thought I’d give this a try. I live in Southern California and while it doesn’t get all that cold, it can get very dry. I’ve tried other natural products that have beeswax in them, but they always come in a tin as a sort of hard disk. This is nice and creamy so it’s much easier to apply. The skin on my hands cracks in the winter and takes forever to heal. I applied this today as soon as I got it and it feels wonderful. It’s light and after a few minutes, it soaked in and doesn’t feel waxy.” From Julia. via the website.


“Your cream saved my sanity! I am in the healing stage of a bad case of poison ivy and the itch of my sensitive skin was keeping me awake. Your cream soothed my healing skin and gave me welcomed relief!”  From Pat via the website.


“Hi there – I LOVE your Worker B cream, … my toddler twins love playing with the tub (they wander around making the Bzzzz sound a bee makes).”  From Kathleen via Email.


For more product details and customer testimonials, visit the Worker B Cream page.

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