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Powered by propolis, antioxidants, and botanicals to nourish your skin and boost recovery, Worker B's Dusk Serum is a perfect light evening moisturizer. Dusk Serum speeds cell turnover for healthy and radiant skin with a potent dose of Vitamins A and E.

Rich formulation for overnight repair
Unscented/Natural Scent
Net Volume: 0.5 fl oz

Organic Oils of Avocado, Pumpkin Seed, Cranberry Seed, Rosehip Seed, Red Raspberry Seed and Sea Buckthorn; Vitamin E Oil; Organic Extracts: Horsetail, Plantain, Burdock, Bilberry, and Elderberry; Worker B Propolizer Tincture

Label & Packaging Notes
Glass bottle with dropper assembly. Recyclable.


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Shake the bottle well. Apply 1-4 drops to clean fingers and then press and roll serum onto face and neck.

  1. Amanda

    [12/29/2020] Too soon to comment on the effectiveness of the Worker B Dusk Serum, but not too soon to comment on how bad it smells. It has a musty, earthy, mushroom scent. This evening is the second day I’ve used it and I’m going to continue using to fully assess the product, so I’ll come back and update my review after 30 days. The “best by date” on the bottle is May 2021 and it’s been stored in the bathroom at an approximate temperature of 70 degrees.

    [UPDATE 2/5/2021] Not a fan of the scent. Smells earthy, like mushrooms. I actually thought it may have been bad. I did use it, but didn’t notice anything great. So I think I’ll go back to using various serums from Mad Hippie that I can buy locally.

  2. Bee Pallesen

    One of my all-time favourite facial products! I use it in the evening but also as a moisturising base for my makeup and it makes for a flawless application in areas where makeup otherwise might settle into fine lines!
    I also love the bottle it comes in and find it so handy for travelling!

  3. Cat (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE the dusk serum, and my skin has never looked better! I have used it every evening as a moisturizer for the last 6 months. I am in my 40’s but was asked the other day if I am 24…that’s how good this serum is!! Try it–you won’t regret it!! Plus, this is an amazing company to work with, and you are supporting not only local business, but our local bees!

  4. Sydney

    Got the sample sizes to try the serums out on my face (which they are the best I’ve tried so far, very nice and nourishing) but also had the unexpected happen when I tried the dusk serum on my sensitive skin like issues (eczema etc) and had this be the only thing to provide relief from the itching. This worked even better than the rescue putty for me. I’m so happy and thankful to have finally found something that is soothing and healing as well for my troubled skin.

  5. Vanessa

    I love this serum in conjuction with the cream or unscented lotion before I go to bed. I wake up with my skin looking and feeling great.

  6. Janet (verified owner)

    Love your products! Have been using the face wash for oily skin in conjunction with the dawn and dusk serums and have seen a huge improvement in my skin! Old acne scars have healed, skin tone and clarity have improved. Redness gone! I had used a fancy department store brand for years and NEVER have seen results this dramatic, I’ll be using these products forever:)

  7. Alison J. via Facebook

    I tried your new serums Dawn & Dusk. They soak right in and wowzer my skin looks great and feels really soft. Nice products and I look forward to the Face wash.

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