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A body lotion convenient for bedside, travel, or vanity, the Worker B Lotion Bar is packed with sustainable ingredients and it is sustainably packaged. With no dehydrating alcohol, filler ingredients, or synthetics, the Lotion Bar soothes and deeply moisturizes, leaving your skin feeling good and you feeling good about it. Loads of propolis makes this an excellent skin and all over body conditioner. Helps with consistently dry skin and eczema. We have quite a few customers talk about how the Lotion Bar works to control the severity and number of eczema and psoriasis breakouts. Also great as a deep tissue massage bar and as an aftershave.

Unscented/Natural Scent
Net Weight: 3.5oz

Organic Almond Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E Oil, Propolis Tincture

Label & Packaging Notes
Floral illustration is of the Milkweed plant. This native plant is important to a slew of different pollinators. Honey collected from milkweed blossoms is a little chewier, with marshmallow tones.
Recyclable metal tin.


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Glide over skin after shower, before bed, or when you want to glow. Store in original packaging for best results. Solid lotion meant to be applied for all over body conditioning. Body heat makes the bar slide smoothly over your skin. Also great as a deep tissue massage bar and as an aftershave.

  1. Wendy (verified owner)

    Phenomenal product. I use it on my legs in the winter and it locks in moisture so well!

  2. Shannon Y

    I got a lotion bar at a craft market a few years ago and was hoarding it because I loved it so much and was saving it for those occasions when my eczema got bad. This fall I got pregnant and my eczema was out of control when winter hit. Using this lotion bar every night helped keep it in check and has kept pregnancy stretch marks away. Thank you! I’m eager to try additional products of yours.

  3. Bear

    Great for an after shave bar!!!! I have had it for a year and ready to order another one,

  4. Pamela (verified owner)

    I received this a few days ago. The bar is larger than I expected. I got it for my husband’s eczema because of the reviews, but haven’t used it for that yet. It does feel great on my hands though. I can tell that the ingredients are excellent quality. It smells wonderful, just they way natural beeswax is supposed to smell.

  5. Susan

    LOVE the lotion bar! I love the packaging, the design, and the fact that this is a non-liquid lotion that can travel. Wonderful gift for a friend or for yourself!

  6. Islay

    My husband suffers from chronic dry skin and itching. I found lotion bar and picked it up, because I have bought every other product out there without success, so why not buy one more. Amazingly as of day one he sleeps through the night, and has not itching issues. We may keep you in business buying this because I love it on my hands too.
    Thanks for a great product.

  7. Jay

    Very impressed.
    I have been using this lotion bar for the last few months. It is THE topical solution to maintaining a my dry skin and eczema. Hey, eczema is chronic, and will always be there, but, with this product, you can keep it in check. Just ordered another bar on Saturday, and got it Tuesday afternoon….right after my first bar is falling apart from use. Great product!

  8. Jon G. via Facebook

    Lotion Bar is wonderful!

  9. Karen S.

    I just want to tell you how happy I am with your lotion bar. I swim 5x’s a week and this winter I’ve experienced dry, itchy skin after swimming. Using the lotion bar has made a miraculous difference in just one use. Thank you!

  10. Linda

    I’ve got a fun story for you about your lotion bar. . .

    Couple days ago I developed some blotchy red spots on my eyelids of all places and they were a tad itchy. I immediately put your lotion bar on them then went looking online. I remembered that Kathy from the honey booth and I were discussing the rosachea that appears on her face and it kind of looked like that. Anyway, further digging indicated that if on the eyelid and not treated, it could result in vision loss. (!).

    My eyelids were swollen yesterday and my tear response wasn’t working properly and I continued to put your lotion bar on the area. Today, the red spots were gone and just a little bruising remained and there was still a bit of swelling, but not much. I called the Ophthalmologist and was able to get in right away due to the potential severity if it was what I thought. Although, it felt like I was at the end of this “break out”.

    My eyes are 100% and she said it wasn’t ocular rosachea,(Thank goodness!) as it doesn’t respond the way I was describing. She too gets the little eczema patches that I get seasonally and was impressed with what I told her about how my eczema responds to using your lotion bar. She was curious enough to ask where she could get it.

    Thought you would like to know.


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