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A body lotion convenient for bedside, travel, or vanity, the Worker B Lotion Bar is packed with sustainable ingredients and it is sustainably packaged. With no dehydrating alcohol, filler ingredients, or synthetics, the Lotion Bar soothes and deeply moisturizes, leaving your skin feeling good and you feeling good about it. Loads of propolis makes this an excellent skin and all over body conditioner. Helps with consistently dry skin and eczema. We have quite a few customers talk about how the Lotion Bar works to control the severity and number of eczema and psoriasis breakouts. Also great as a deep tissue massage bar and as an aftershave.

Unscented/Natural Scent
Net Weight: 3.5oz

Organic Almond Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E Oil, Propolis Tincture

Label & Packaging Notes
Floral illustration is of the Milkweed plant. This native plant is important to a slew of different pollinators. Honey collected from milkweed blossoms is a little chewier, with marshmallow tones.
Recyclable metal tin.


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Glide over skin after shower, before bed, or when you want to glow. Store in original packaging for best results. Solid lotion meant to be applied for all over body conditioning. Body heat makes the bar slide smoothly over your skin. Also great as a deep tissue massage bar and as an aftershave.

  1. Christine Carbone

    This is my first review of any product I have purchased, but had to write this because the Worker B lotion bar has changed my life . . . that is no exaggeration. I have had severe psoriasis for over 25 years. My hands were embarrassing, The scaling on them was so thick I would do anything not to touch or shake hands with someone. Some were so thick I couldn’t bend my figures. I had 3-5 fissures on my hands at any one time that would bleed daily. Using soap in a public restroom or hand sanitizer was a painful experience. I had to wear rubber gloves to cook and clean. The pain was incredible. I have, and am on, injections for my psoriasis, but it barely helps (I have tried 3 different brands). The only thing that helped was cortisone which I can not be on for long periods of time. I have more prescriptions, lotions, gels, and ointments than you can count for every place on my body, including eyelids. By chance at the beginning of the pandemic, I was watching one of those morning shows and they were talking about supporting small businesses. They highlighted Worker B. I thought it would be a good gift for my aunt and sister. I got one for each of them and for the heck of it I got one for myself. About 3 months ago (over a year later) I ran out of my prescription ointment which I put on my hands every night and wear with cotton gloves. I thought, I need to put something on my hands or I won’t be able to bend them in the morning, So I opened, for the first time, my supply of the Worker B Lotion Bar. I put it on, it felt good (no alcohol which meant no pain in the cuts) I put on my gloves and went to sleep. The next morning, I was shocked, my hands were soft and didn’t hurt. Over the next month, I used the lotion bar every night with my gloves discarding my prescription. The thick layers of skin began to peel off and my fissures began to heal. My family and friends could not believe the results. My hand look normal and don’t bleed. My hand aren’t 100%, but they are about 98% better. I still get some scaling but nothing like it was and it goes away in a couple of days with using Worker B. I have told, everyone about it, including my doctors. I am so grateful that I saw this on that morning show. I am a lifetime customer. Thank you.

  2. Jessica Schulte

    This is the absolute best lotion bar I have ever found. I picked it up in the mall of america store and just wow. I put it on my feet knees and hands after bathing and wake up with soft skin. My fiance has been using it on a patch of irritated dry skin with sores and it has totally taken away the itching and inflammation and the sores are healing.

  3. Laura Bomar

    This is the best ever!!!!! Love it!

  4. Janice E Butterfield

    I love the lotion bar. Surprisingly, it absorbs into my skin quickly. I love the feel of my skin the next day after using it. It also helps my dry nails and cuticles to look great again. It’s the best I’ve ever seen!!

  5. Kanza

    I used my trial size lotion bar and loved it so much that I HAD to get the full size! Using this, WorkerB’s cream, and WorkerB’s unscented lotion also did wonders for my new tattoos.

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