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Do you have sensitive skin and have tried every natural product out there?  Do you have a shelf full of products that don't work?  Are you already a regular Worker B customer and are curious about another skincare solution we produce?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Worker B sample program is for you!

The sample program is a great way to try out Worker B products at a lower price.

All products are trial sizes so they are good for at least a few weeks of use to truly see how they can transform your skin.  They are also a great option for travel as they satisfy TSA/FAA size restrictions (3.4 oz./100 mL).

Samples of the all-purpose balm, magnesium honey gel, peel kits, and raw honey scrubs are not available.  All of the balm products have the same formulation - Treatment Stick, Lip Balm and Balm Tin; the Lip Balm is a great way to try out the balm product.  Sample products do not contain ingredients or directions on the labels so please refer to the individual product pages linked below for full information and additional customer testimonials.

Available Samples:
Cream - 0.25 oz (full size 1.75 oz)
Rescue Putty - 0.25 oz (full size 1.75 oz)
Unscented Lotion - 0.25 oz (full size 2.0 oz)
Scented Lotion - 0.25 oz (full size 2.0 oz)
Spring Lotion - 0.25 oz (full size 2.0 oz)
Summer Lotion - 0.25 oz (full size 2.0 oz)
Autumn Lotion - 0.25 oz (full size 2.0 oz)
Lotion Bar - 0.60 oz (full size 3.5 oz)
Raw Honey Face Wash for Normal to Dry Skin - 1 oz (full size 5 oz)
Raw Honey Face Wash for Normal to Oily Skin - 1 oz (full size 5 oz)
Milk & Honey Cleanser - 0.5 oz (full size 2.5 oz)
Dawn Serum - 0.13 fl oz (full size 0.5 fl oz)
Dusk Serum - 0.13 fl oz (full size 0.5 fl oz)
Toner - 7 g (full size 45 g)
Botanical Cleansing Oil - 7 g (full size 54 g)
Peat Mask - 0.10 oz (full size 0.75 oz)
Seaweed Mask - 0.15 oz (full size 1.0 oz)
Prickly Pear Balm - 0.25 oz (full size 1.0 oz)
Daily Defense Balm - 0.25 oz (full size 1.0 oz)


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  1. Kay M Phillipp

    The Worker-B cream is my all time favorite. I suffer from eczema and this works as well as my prescription! Giving these samples to friends and family so they can enjoy the wonderful product.

  2. Sasha Odermann-Karr

    I love the sample sizes. They are cute and make great additions to my travel bag. I have tried the serums, face washes, unscented lotion, cream, and putty. I like them all, but I love the cream. I like to refill the travel size of the cream so that I can have it in my little teacher bag that holds my phone, pens, and lip balm. I wash my hands a bazillion times a day since I teach in an elementary school. The Worker B cream is an absolute necessity for me.

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