Summer Lotion

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Hydrate sun-soaked skin with a bright and cooling blend of Manuka Tree, Garden Sage, and Bitter Red Orange organic essential oils. A sunny and refreshing lotion that works to balance and soothe. This naturally-derived and highly-concentrated formula delivers a nourishing skincare ritual for the whole body. A little goes a long way.

Cool, Clear, Refreshing
Net Weight: 2.0 oz (57g)

Organic Almond Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Beeswax, Raw Honey, Vitamin E Oil, Propolis Tincture, Essential Oils (Manuka, Sage, Bitter Red Orange)

Label & Packaging Notes
Glass jar with plastic lid. Recyclable.


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Apply as needed to hydrate and soothe sun-soaked skin. Apply more depending on area of application.

  1. Nina Current

    I love this lotion! I’m super sensitive to fragrance and so this lotion is wonderful because it’s not strong scented. It’s smooth and makes my skin feel fresh and soft!

  2. Nina C

    I only have a sample size so far, but I love this stuff! I’m super sensitive to fragrance and so can’t use most lotions on the market. This one makes my skin softer and doesn’t irritate my smell sensitivities at all! Please make more so I can buy a bigger container of it!

  3. Jill Di Nunzio

    I bought this Summer Lotion and it has little crystallized pieces in it that scratches my skin. Not happy with this purchase.

    • Worker B

      Thank you for the review and sorry for the inconvenience. Apparently the last lotion batch had trace amounts of sugar due to concurrent raw honey scrub production in the vicinity. The latest lotion batch does not suffer from this problem.

      We would like to offer a replacement and will contact you directly. Thanks again.

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