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Our Treatment Stick is a balm that not only soothes, but heals and protects to reveal soft, healthy, hydrated skin. Perfect for lips, cuticles, hands, and even small scratches or areas of skin irritation. “Spot Treatment.” Propolis heals while honey hydrates and beeswax protects.  Large tube format makes it perfect to carry where ever you go! Also excellent for face use to help block wind sheer during winter outdoor activities.  Also used by chefs for heat damaged skin.

Unscented/Natural Scent
Net Weight: 0.5 oz

Beeswax, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Almond Oil, Organic Avocado Oil, Raw Honey, Propolis Tincture, Vitamin E Oil

Label & Packaging Notes
Recyclable plastic tube.


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Apply by preferred delivery method to lips, hands, and anywhere that needs a little extra attention and TLC.

How to open: There is a small perforation in the label about an inch from the top and It lines up where the cap meets the tube underneath.  Hold the tube in one hand and with your other hand give the cap a good twist and that should break the perforation.  Alternatively you can peel off the top (cap-portion) of the label at the perforation line and the cap will be exposed.

  1. Lily

    I have tried absolutely everything for my chronic dry hands – even the prescriptions weren’t working. This is the best thing I have ever used!! It is light enough that it you can apply it without fear of it getting everywhere but it actually works and it lasts. I absolutely love this product and would definitely recommend!

  2. Marc Poblador (verified owner)

    Thank Goodness these are back in stock! Lip balm doesn’t last long with Tattoos=This is awesome!

  3. Marc P (verified owner)

    Thank goodness these are back on stock! Awesome product-Those “Mini Chap sticks” don’t last as long!

  4. Jun

    I use this to help heal all my new tattoos. It works wonders and leaves my tattoos moisturized for long periods of time! The tube is easy to carry around in pockets of bags. Because of its size and shape is also easy to apply to tattoos on any location of the body!!

  5. Marc P (verified owner)

    This is a continued review. For those like me who have had tattoos redone and or have had tattoos, this also works on the healing. Figured I’d share my recent discovery. I had my tattoos redone and of course there is always that irritating “itch” that we all have to go through as the tattoo heals and peels. I figured since this works on severely chapped lips during exposure to the cold below zero winds of winter. this may work on tattoo healing which is in effect an “open wound” (damaged skin irritation and such. I found that this applied carefully, of course, gets rid of that horrendous itch for about 4 hours in my case. Although you have to reapply it. the procedure does work and helps a great deal when healing. The ingredients are similar to the Worker B Balm. The Tattoo has healed faster and now after 2 weeks is pretty much done healing. Snow burn I surmise with windburn is similar to sunburn so. if this worked this good, I may try it this summer. I’ve had tattoos since 1986 and I’ve used preparation H, lubriderm, aquaphor,all the way to old school cocoa butter and petroleum jelly-none of them have helped with the itch or even the rash that some tattoos have. Thought I’d share. Looks like I’ve found a convenient and easy to carry around as well as an effective tattoo “treatment and maintenance” system.

  6. Marc P (verified owner)

    Hello All-I was introduced to this when my family went shopping at Mall Of America, MN-This is the best! Keeping in mind I can only relate from personal experience-When I feel I’m about to get a cold sore or my lips chap during the cold Chicago winter months? This product stops it “dead on its’ tracks!’ The cold sore just plain stops and goes away! It never happens! My daughter relates the same experience with cold sores! Do not get the “Balm.” Get the “Treatment Stick!’

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