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A balm that not only soothes, but heals and protects to reveal soft, healthy, hydrated skin. Perfect for lips, cuticles, hands, and even small scratches or areas of skin irritation. “Spot Treatment.” Propolis heals while honey hydrates and beeswax protects.  Large tube format makes it perfect to carry where ever you go! Also excellent for face use to help block wind sheer during winter outdoor activities.  Also used by chefs for heat damaged skin.

Unscented/Natural Scent
Net Weight: 0.5 oz

Beeswax, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Almond Oil, Organic Avocado Oil, Raw Honey, Propolis Tincture, Vitamin E Oil

Label & Packaging Notes
Recyclable plastic tube.


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Apply by preferred delivery method to lips, hands, and anywhere that needs a little extra attention and TLC.

How to open: There is a small perforation in the label about an inch from the top and It lines up where the cap meets the tube underneath.  Hold the tube in one hand and with your other hand give the cap a good twist and that should break the perforation.  Alternatively you can peel off the top (cap-portion) of the label at the perforation line and the cap will be exposed.

  1. Kirsten (verified owner)

    I just purchased the treatment stick. I’m sure the product is going to be amazing like all the other items I’ve purchased from you, but I can’t get the packaging open. Also, I had to look online to see how it was supposed to open.

    Again the products you produce are THE best, but wanted you to know about my struggles with the packaging.

    • Worker B (Michael H)

      Thanks for your feedback about the treatment stick. There is a small perforation in the label about an inch from the top which lines up where the cap meets the tube underneath. Hold the tube in one hand and with your other hand give the cap a good twist and that should break the perforation. Alternatively you can peel off the top (cap-portion) of the label at the perforation line and the cap will be exposed.

      This opens similarly to our lip balm label which has a dashed black line indicating the location of the perforation line.

  2. Liz

    This is my FAVORITE lip treatment of all time! And I have tried many. Excellent product!

  3. Jill B

    just want to say that i have been ordering from you for years now, and i don’t know what i would do without your lip balm and your treatment stick. (Just re-ordered a few minutes ago). i teach in an elementary school and noticed a student had cracked/bleeding dry hands from eczema. after okaying it with her mom, i applied your treatment stick to her hands and sent her home with the remainder of my tube (to keep-of course). By the time she left school, all redness was gone! her mom noticed a dramatic improvement by bedtime. just want you to know that if you ever feel burned out from the day to day stress of owning and running a company-remember folks like this and our stories. you guys are amazing and your high quality products speak for themselves. thank you thank you thank you!
    p.s. can’t wait to try the scrubs. ordered the coffee.
    xoxo worker B!!!!

  4. Daneysi (verified owner)

    I recently gave in and bought this product since I heard it was great for sensitive dry skin. I live in Chicago and the winters are brutal to my face. This product is amazing, I’m always bragging about how great it is and I cant wait to buy more!

  5. Naomi

    Just wanted you to know – my husband and I have been treasuring the 2 sticks I bought when I lived in Minneapolis (at the one and only Mill City Farmers Market). It’s awesome in the wintertime….husband (musician) loves it because he can use it without getting his fingers oily when he is playing his string bass. It’s also the best for tender raw skin after blowing your nose into tissues too many times! So happy to see that we can still get your products out east. Best wishes for continued success. 🙂

  6. Kristin

    This is a great product. It was recommended to me by a salesperson at Whole Foods. My two year old gets really dry chapped cheeks and it really works!

  7. Emily

    I got this as a gift a few months back and just 1 week of putting it on my eczema and the rough skin disappeared! No more itching, cracked skin! It heals so well!

  8. Angela L.

    I bought this stick as an alternative to the ” sensitive skin” lotions that are ineffective against the itching, burning symptoms of my flaring psoriasis in the winter. I am totally bowled-over by the results of this treatment stick! It didn’t just quell the annoying symptoms, it has reduced the flaring. I am truly ecstatic. Great product!

  9. Sarah R.

    Hi folks: just wanted to share w/u that I purchased the Treatment Stick @ the Renegade Craft Fair & have used it religiously on the road – to Edmonton Alberta in 30 below included! It is great to have a serious treatment option on travel with me – & one I can carry on the plane in my purse or briefcase.

    – Sarah R.

  10. Anne P

    I came to Renegade last weekend and bought the lip balm and treatment stick – they are both great! I play cello and don’t put hand lotion on very often because I don’t want to have my hands be slippery, but the treatment stick solves that since I can just put it on my knuckles where it’s most dry. I think I will be ordering soon because your products seem like they will be a huge help getting through the long dry winter.
    Thank you!
    – Anne P

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