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This naturally-derived and highly-concentrated formula delivers deep moisture, comfort, and glow suitable for hand, body, and face.  A little goes a long way. Good for use as an evening facial moisturizer. Customize to your favorite fragrance by adding a couple drops of your own favorite essential oils.

Night-time facial moisturizer
Unscented/Natural Scent
Net Weight: 2.0 oz

Organic Almond Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Beeswax, Raw Honey, Propolis Tincture, Vitamin E

Label & Packaging Notes
Glass jar with plastic lid. Recyclable.


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Apply a pea-sized amount to face, neck, or hands. Apply more depending on area of application. Works exceptionally well as a night-time moisturizer to lock in the benefits of our Dusk Serum.

  1. Kelly Heyn

    This is amazing! I bought due to notification of a morning talk show sale and am hooked! My cracked heals are smooth and overall skin glows. I like the unscented better than the Spring scent. I have loved every product I’ve purchased from this company!

  2. knetzel (verified owner)

    This lotion is absolutely wonderful. I use it as a nighttime moisturizer year round and under my spf during the winter. It makes my skin so smooth and glowing; I have never found its equal.

  3. Ty

    I have written only two reviews…ever and I am 49 years old. Having said that, I want to recommend this product. My son and I purchased this lotion because his hands were like TREE BARK! Within one week, they were better and within a month they were normal again. This product is awesome and I highly recommend it!

  4. Hope

    I have never written a review in my life but I need to for this amazing product. I have spent an obscene amount of time and money trying to find a good moisturizer for my combo/sensitive skin and this is it. It soaks in perfectly, there’s no toxic, unnecessary or hidden ingredients, I actually wake up with a glow, With no fragrance or essential oil it doesn’t irritate my eyes towards the end of the day, and its affordable, my skin is loving this. Can’t wait to try everything!

  5. Kira

    I seriously love this lotion so much. Even though its unscented it has such a lovely honey scent. I love putting a good amount on my face before bed and waking up with a healthy glow! seriously my favorite lotion ever

  6. Charisse L. (verified owner)

    What a beautiful, luscious lotion! This lotion is my favorite part of my self-care and beauty regimen. It feels comforting and keeps my skin supple. I love it! Whether at the beginning or end of a long day – it’s a beautiful and necessary treat!

  7. Amy Thomas

    I got laser hair removal treatment on my face and used aloe vera, but the dry burned skin with tiny pimples didn’t get better for 2 weeks. The treatment was on the lower setting. Later on my 3rd appointment I decided to put the lotion on after washing my face. The next morning the hot burning sensation which is normal post-laser was not there and my skin felt extremely soft. I also didn’t feel pain and sensitivity to touch, which is also normal post-laser treatment.

  8. Vanessa

    Lightweight yet very moisturizing!

  9. Adrianne

    I bought this lotion for the winter in MN. It’s not even winter yet, but I have been using this on my face after my showers. Normally my skin feels too tight for my face because it’s so dry. I also get eczema around my eyes. I have not had any symptoms since I started using this product. It is a bit oily, but that is not a problem for my dry skin! Has not caused any breakouts, and seems to actually keep them at bay.

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