Creamed Basswood Raw Honey

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This early season varietal honey is collected from the glacial plains of Central Minnesota. Primarily defined by the Basswood tree blossom, this moderately-sweet honey has tones of mint, thyme, and grass.  This creamed honey has been crystallized and whipped, producing a delightfully smooth and spreadable texture.  Often referred to as spun or whipped honey.

Flavor Notes: Bright, Mint, Thyme, Grass
Net weight: 18 oz

Raw Basswood Honey

Label & Packaging Notes
Plastic jar and lid. Recyclable.





Our favorite raw honey for green or herbal tea.
Try with Greek yogurt.
Fabulous topping for cornbread.
Pair with berries.

  1. Jenn Thomas

    I use this honey every single morning in my spicy cinnamon tea that I get from Caribou. It is smooth and tasty. My roommate tried it and now we go through a container every 2 weeks

  2. Shanna V.

    I came across this store and the associate was so helpful. Been using this honey for a year now and I love it! This is like magic medicine for me and my family anytime one of us gets a cold or sore throat. It’s also just great on some toast, in tea, anything really! I cook with this honey and eat teaspoons of it to cure allergies and colds.

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