You may have heard by now…
We are opening a new store!!

We can’t beelieve it either.

Keg and Case is located in the historic Schmidt Brewery campus off West 7th in St. Paul and now houses over 20 awesome local restaurants and vendors. This new Worker B location will carry the full line of unique raw honey varieties (including some on tap!), your favorite skincare products, sweet T-shirts and more.

The best part, other than the fact that we’ve finally hopped the river? 


“We have always talked about how this city needs to have more indoor markets,” co-owner Liesa Helfen says. “Keg and Case is comprised of a whole bunch of local vendors, and we are so excited about the kind of collaborating we can all do.” 

Micheal Sedlacek, another of Worker B’s three owners, adds, “You don’t often get the opportunity to start a space other vendors all doing what we’re into (plus a little extra).”

Here are a few examples:

  • Our friends Spinning Wyld will be there with their epic 50-item menu of gourmet cotton candy flavors.
  • Green Bee Juicery has a store as well, and they even use our honey in some of their recipes.
  • You can look forward to extraordinary cheese + Worker B honey pairings (and cheese + countless other delicious things) at Gazta & Enhancements.
  • Forest to Fork is the new venture of the Gentleman Forager, and trust us: you don’t want to miss it. It’s a towering 15-foot grow room with giant fricken mushrooms.

Michael is pumped about the mushrooms especially: “Bees use spores from some mushrooms, so we can take one of those logs and conduct our own experiments. We’ll be collaborating with Forest to Fork in ways we haven’t before–and on a more science-and-nature level.”

We are all looking forward to the possibilities for new growth in tandem with so many other Minnesota-based creatives. “It’s about how group of businesses can work together.”  Liesa continues, “Keg and Case as a whole has revitalized the whole space; it’s just so cool!”

Wait! There’s another best part!!


(Uh-huh. That’s right.)

We have built a seven-foot-tall glass column that is now the home of real, live honeybees! The 140-cubic feet of bee space is connected to the outdoors by a fabulous copper pipe, so these bees can come and go as they please, and in style! All together, we humans get to watch the creation of a freeform hive structure.

“When you walk through a potential space, talk to developers, tell them your vision, and they say ‘Yes, absolutely!!’ …That’s just wild,” says Liesa of the planning process. “It’s really rare to meet a developer who can infuse all your ideas into one space. Normally they’d just tell you ‘no.’ So major thanks to Craig Cohen and whole Keg and Case team!”

The working observation beehive is incredibly exciting for all of us at Worker B, and we can’t wait to share it with you. “I go out and see plenty of other beekeepers and their hives, but I don’t get to see the bees themselves actually work as an entire organism. We beekeepers somewhat disrupt them. But here you will get to see them from another angle. It’s a live bee lab; it’s incredible,” adds Liesa.

The Keg and Case Market is the culmination of a lot of hard work from a lot of special people who are excited to share their passions with others.  We are so grateful and thrilled to be a part of it.

We can’t wait to see you there on September 14th! 

  • Note: Our store at the Mall of America is closed September 4-27, but now you know where to find us mid-month! Never fear, for you can always access your favorite products through the online store.