From the Worker B kitchen:
This recipe yields a lovely, not too sweet, dark berry toned cup with the whip cream swirling in just the right top note of honey.  Feel free to substitute out any type of cocoa and chocolate, this is just what we prefer with our Basswood Honey.

Yields 2 servings plus extra whipped cream for strawberries or straight-up eating – get those spoons ready!


For the Whipped Cream:
1 cup Organic Cream
3T  Powdered Sugar (10x)
1/4 t. Vanilla Paste
2 t. Raw Worker B Basswood Honey
1 pinch Maldon sea salt


For the Hot Cocoa:
2 T Organic Cream
2 cups 1% Organic Milk
2 T Raw Worker B Basswood Honey
2 T of a 50/50 blend of black onyx cocoa powder and high fat cocoa powder
1 pinch Maldon Sea Salt
3 oz 36% Dark Milk Chocolate Discs[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]* First, place 1 cup of organic cream in a stainless steel bowl with whisk in the fridge to chill while you make the cocoa.

Simmer all items except for the chocolate, whisking until well combined and at the appropriate sipping temperature.  Take off of the heat, add the chocolate disks and whisk until smooth.  Keep on the range to keep warm while you make the whipped cream.

Pull the chilled cream, bowl and whisk from the fridge.  You may use beaters or a mixer, but hand whisking add a certain amount of love.  Whip the cream until just before soft peak.  Add the honey, powdered sugar, salt and vanilla paste, and whip until soft peaks.

Pour the cocoa into a mug, top with desired amount of whip cream.

Alternatively, you can make both items in advance and store them in the refrigerator until ready to enjoy.


– Worker B
b’s <3