Hello Hive,

Can’t believe it has been a year since Worker B Wellness (WBW) was born!

This time last year, we were busy training and preparing for our September 17th, 2019 opening date. This talented group of Administrators, Front Desk Staff, Cosmetologists, and Massage Therapists have grown into the heart of our hive. Together we shared our treatments and wellness meditation infused with bee-based products with all of you! This Spring, we were just beginning to form community partnerships and developing new treatments.

Then Covid-19 came onto the scene. A pandemic ensued that continues to affect us all in so many ways.

Over the last few months, we have worked and re-worked several comprehensive plans to re-open WBW. We were hopeful! We had such a strong and dedicated group of staff committed to our customers health and wellness.

However, the risks to our staff and customers are too great.

Worker B Wellness has made the decision to not reopen. This has been a really difficult decision, but we know it is the right one. For all of us.

We understand that a lot you have purchased gift cards or prepaid treatments on your accounts. In order to thank you all for your support, we are offering an exchange program for Worker B products and Worker B Wellness products. We are only offering Worker B products and Worker B Wellness spa accessory items for exchange. There is not an option for a cash refund.

To accomplish an exchange of gift card value or prepaid treatments for Worker B or Worker B Wellness products, please follow these steps:

  1. Pick out products from the Worker B website or from this list of Worker B Wellness products.
  2. Email us at with your name, mailing address, gift card number/treatments on your account, and the Worker B or Worker B Wellness items you’d like to get in exchange. (Shipping is free!)
  3.  Await a confirmation email from Worker B that your order is on its way.


If you would like to see your favorite Cosmetologists or Massage Therapists in the future please email a request for information.

It has been such an honor providing Wellness experiences to all of you. We hope everyone continues to prioritize self-care!