“I have really rough elbows and nothing was able to soften them. This weekend I stopped into the mall of America location and tried a sample on both elbows. The little I got went a very long way. Not only that, but the next morning I woke up to the softest elbows of my life! They are still soft 3 full days later!! I am going back to get a full jar this week.”

– FROM Crystal Welle, ABOUT THE

Rescue Putty

“Fantastic with blueberries and ice cream. Rich honey flavor, so it balances well with the bright blueberries and mild vanilla.”


Bosque (Forest) Raw Honey

“I picked this sampler up at the Mall of America on Sunday on a whim. I had been using a DIY honey scrub on my face as an exfoliate and really enjoyed the results I got from that. I thought that this sampler pack would provide me with a similar experience, but maybe a bit more upscale. I am 29 and throughout the years I have battled with adult acne and dry patches on my combination skin. I had resigned to the fact that it would take a significant amount of effort to get my skin to glow (regular chemical peels, expensive moisturizers, different makeup techniques to minimize flaking). I accepted that I would never have nice skin. It is now Tuesday and I am now a believer in the worker-b products! My skin truly has never looked this good!!!! Flaking is completely gone. My skin is smooth, my blackheads and enlarged pore are starting to disappear! It feels good to finally have beautiful skin. I have already made my purchase for the regular size products. Thank you so much for creating these products. ❤️”

– FROM Attina Notch, ABOUT THE

Queen Bee Gifts

“I just bought this rescue putty for my 2 year old son who has been struggling with eczema since he was born. I have tried pretty much every natural product I can find and nothing but steroid cream has worked for his skin, until I bought this product!! It took 2 days and all of his eczema spots are gone I am shocked!! So happy I found this product!”


Rescue Putty

“I purchased this to use on my belly for pregnancy! With my first baby, I got tons of stretch marks and often had itchy, dry skin. Since using this every other day or so, I've experienced more comfort and no stretch marks!! It works even better than Burts Bees Mama Bees (what I used with my first). Today, I tried using it all over my legs instead of lotion after shaving and I've never felt so great!! Definitely will be purchasing again!”

– FROM fpenansky, ABOUT THE


“I'm actually getting comments on my face and how good my skin looks. That is not even the exciting part. Between hot flashes (I'm over 50) and the well water from my new/old farm house, my skin has been in dire straights for 2 years. I have tried over 11 different products, that have done nothing but dry me out more or caused me to break out. I was down to using Vaseline and putting up with the break outs. I bought the honey face wash at a little market here in Minnesota. Within one use, I was amazed and truly relieved. A dime size on a clean finger, rub it onto my second hand that is damp, wet my other hand, then onto my face and neck. I don't miss an inch. My eyes, under my eyes, and my neck as well. The product is so healthy and natural, I don't worry about where I get it, unlike every other product I have purchased. I hop in the shower and rinse it off after I wash my hair or use it before brushing my teeth, and rinse after. The jar will for sure last the 3 months. Thank you, thank you!”

– FROM Brandy Grell, ABOUT THE

Raw Honey Face Wash for Normal to Dry Skin

“I bought the travel pack as a souvenir for myself since I was in MN on vacation and I have been transitioning to natural skincare since the beginning of the year. I tried all of the products and absolutely loved them. The lip balm is absolutely wonderful! Even so that my 8 month baby had red flaky skin around her nose due to her sensitive skin and I decided to put a bit of the balm just to protect her skin naturally (without giving it more thought), and I can say that in less than 20 minutes she had no redness and her skin looked significantly better! I also enjoy that it is a thicker balm but does not have a greasy feel. I highly recommend it!”


Lip Balm

“i gotta have my worker b cream every day. i use it on my face, neck, lips, and cuticles. ordinarily i am very sensitive to fragrance--this cream has a light natural non-invasive honey scent that i can tolerate. it is indeed creamy & luxurious. i am 62 & this cream hydrates & soothes my face. i have given a few samples of it to friends who are mad about it now too.”

– FROM heather, ABOUT THE


“I found this on Amazon about 6 months ago, when I was looking for this exact thing! Amazon has way too many things, so to find this was a treat. I am at that weird postmenopausal stage where the skin on my face is weird, and my forehead especially just gets so dry. I'm in bed nearly all the time and don't like to get my hands full of cream and's a weird juggling match....and I also have cold sweat saturations from systemic pain. So I wanted something in a tube, like this, that would smell nice but not overpowering, like this, and would moisturize my face by just rubbing it on. Like this! So I was hooked, with the added benefit of patronizing a MN business. I grew up across the bay from Duluth and worked at the Main U Music Library right out of college, on the West Bank for my first "real" job, so I love the Twin Cities. Not many Worker B products are on Amazon anymore, but I'm fine going to the source! Great stuff!”

– FROM Laurie Rosin, ABOUT THE

Treatment Stick

“I bought this in the winter to leave in my jacket pocket so I could rub it on my lips when I was outside. It just got really hard, to the point that it was difficult to get enough on my lips to do any good. Now that it's FINALLY done snowing, I'm sure it will work fine, but winter is when I really need it. I just wasn't thrilled, I guess.”

– FROM Laurie Rosin, ABOUT THE

Lip Balm