“I got this as a gift & I LOVE it. I love honey & love Raspberry, so it's perfect. I even put some in my herbal tea & it's great.”

– FROM Debbie Harvey, ABOUT THE

Raspberry Raw Honey

“Thank you for the review and sorry for the inconvenience. Apparently the last lotion batch had trace amounts of sugar due to concurrent raw honey scrub production in the vicinity. The latest lotion batch does not suffer from this problem. We would like to offer a replacement and will contact you directly. Thanks again.”


Summer Lotion

“I bought this Summer Lotion and it has little crystallized pieces in it that scratches my skin. Not happy with this purchase.”

– FROM Jill Di Nunzio, ABOUT THE

Summer Lotion

“Great chap stick. Stays on. I have Sjogren's and this chap stick is a life/lip saver.”

– FROM Charlene, ABOUT THE

Lip Balm

“I absolutely love this product!! It has helped out my skin so much… my face feels so smooth and hydrated🥰 Loved it so much I recommend it to my sister, who fell in love with it also!”

– FROM Mariana Mayorga, ABOUT THE

Prickly Pear Balm

“I used it immediately after unpacking! I love love it. My skin feels so smooth. I can’t wait to try more of their products.”

“Love it! It makes my face feel nice for the day and smells great. I've notice a reduction in acne since using this as well.”

– FROM Jessica Schulte, ABOUT THE

Dawn Serum

“Best face wash I have ever used. It smells so good too. I put it on and let it sit a min and then rinse off and my face feels clean. It gets rid of the oil on my skin without drying it out. I have combination skin where my skin is dry but my face is oily. I will never use anything else again.”

– FROM Jessica Schulte, ABOUT THE

Raw Honey Face Wash for Normal to Oily Skin

“This is the absolute best lotion bar I have ever found. I picked it up in the mall of america store and just wow. I put it on my feet knees and hands after bathing and wake up with soft skin. My fiance has been using it on a patch of irritated dry skin with sores and it has totally taken away the itching and inflammation and the sores are healing.”

– FROM Jessica Schulte, ABOUT THE

Lotion Bar

“This stuff is awesome! I picked it up in the mall of america store and it has healed my chronically dry lips after a couple days.”

– FROM Jessica Schulte, ABOUT THE

Treatment Stick