“Stopped at the mall of American while passing by your shop. We are IN LOVE with this chapstick! Not only do I feel good about been able to put it on as many times as I need thought this ucky dry winter season, but I also feel happy that is totally healthy ingredients, and gives me the peace of mind I can also do the same for my small children <3 I love makeup and I do use lipsticks quite often (hoping we have a big change on the makeup industry for good and safe ingredients) and this is a good base for them! Hoping to order more soon!”

– FROM Iris Hackman, ABOUT THE

Lip Balm

“We sampled this at the Holiday Boutique show in Minneapolis last weekend and bought a 10 oz jar.... wishing we would have gotten more at the show price! It is delicious!! Mild with just the right amount of sweetness, we've used it for tea, oatmeal, toast, muffins. It is wonderful and I'm getting more!!! Thank you for a wonderful product!”

– FROM Robin Chumbley, ABOUT THE

Basswood Raw Honey

“Received this as a gift from my husband and started using it at night as a moisturizer after removing makeup. My acne-prone skin is feeling healthy and breakouts have been reducing in quantity and severity! But honestly I look forward to using it every night for the wonderful smell alone.”


Scented Lotion

“I have been using Worker B Raw Honey Face Wash for Dry to Normal Skin for over a year now and it is by far the purest, natural cleanser I've used and it leaves my skin moisturized and soft I couldn't be more pleased. The shipping is prompt too!”

– FROM Carol Hanson, ABOUT THE

Raw Honey Face Wash for Normal to Dry Skin

“I love this face scrub. It keeps my skin fresh and clean. Plus the honey is so moisturizing. Thank you for making such a great product.”

– FROM Sue Andrews, ABOUT THE

Raw Honey Face Wash for Normal to Dry Skin

“Great shirt!”

– FROM Ambroisine, ABOUT THE

Support Local Bees T-Shirt

“Amazing stuff for our hardworking hands on the playa. This lotion made my campmates line up to use a bit. The scent is delightful and it's very healing to minor injuries like ragged cuticles.”

– FROM Katie Blue, ABOUT THE

Scented Lotion

“Goodbye mass produced scrubs! The Pollinator left my skin soft, smooth, and not sticky. The fragrance fills the bathroom with he warmth of the shower without being too strong or perfume-like. It's a subtle way to start or end your day!”

– FROM efquinn88, ABOUT THE

Pollinator Raw Honey Scrub

“I have never liked honey, but this is by far the best. I put it in tea, coffee, ice cream, on bread with peanut butter... everything! I love this honey and I love this company. Highly recommend. #savethebees”

– FROM sopi2200, ABOUT THE

Basswood Raw Honey

“My dad, who spends most of his time working outside tending to free range chickens and baling hay, is a pretty tough and gritty guy. But, he always has a soft spot for his daughters. Yesterday, I told him I was going to give him a face massage (he was pretty red with sunburn) so I massage in the "worker b cream" and he fell in love. Don't forget we are talking about a rugged farm guy, who is now asking for daily bee cream face massages. The cream helped the sunburn, visibly reducing redness in 2 days. He even asked for a hand massage with the stuff- his terribly rough hands now have less cracks on top, and don't scratch me like sandpaper when he rubs my head (I have only given him,hand massages with cream at night for a week). Sadly, my week visit with my parents is coming to an end and he asked me to leave the bee cream behind. I hate to part with it but he loves it. I know what I'm getting him for christmas now.”

– FROM Alysa Johnsen, ABOUT THE