“I use this honey every single morning in my spicy cinnamon tea that I get from Caribou. It is smooth and tasty. My roommate tried it and now we go through a container every 2 weeks”

– FROM Jenn Thomas, ABOUT THE

Creamed Basswood Raw Honey

“I came across this store and the associate was so helpful. Been using this honey for a year now and I love it! This is like magic medicine for me and my family anytime one of us gets a cold or sore throat. It's also just great on some toast, in tea, anything really! I cook with this honey and eat teaspoons of it to cure allergies and colds.”


Creamed Basswood Raw Honey

“Love this! I got a sample size at the art fair a while back and I will be getting more when I run out! I have oily skin, but most cleansers dry me out too much and then my skin over compensates with too much oil. This stuff cleans away all the grime and oil of the day and leaves my skin perfectly soft and balanced. Love!!”


Milk & Honey Cleanser

“Natural, easy to use and exceptional skin care! This peel is great for all skin types and is very gentle but effective! Love it!”


AHA Peel Kit

“I get cold sores about two to three times a year especially around winter. I have tried MANY lip balms with no success.. EOS, Carmex, Abreva, Blistex, Nivea, ChapStick, etc. I bought this two years ago ( yes, one stick lasted THAT long-and I use it A LOT :) and have not gotten a cold sore ever since! I now use nothing else!, and my one year old LOVES it as well. It helped keep his lips completely moisturized. He is now two years old and every time he sees my purse, he’ll go into it, grab the stick and rub it on his lips. I love that it is safe and friendly for him to use. I LOVE this balm!”

– FROM Lauren Castellanos, ABOUT THE

Treatment Stick

“I love this shirt! It’s soft and very comfortable. Plus, the obvious, that Mulder and Scully would totally approve.”


I Want To Beelieve T-Shirt

“I love Dawn Serum!!! My skin soaks it up in a matter of minutes and the result is nice smooth skin with no greasy residue, just a wonderfully natural scent i can't get enough of. Love it!!”

– FROM Jennifer, ABOUT THE

Dawn Serum

“This stuff is what turned me on to this company. I never knew honey could have such deeply complex flavor. I met the owner in one of their storefronts and his passion for honey was infectious. After describing other food/drink flavor profiles I like he introduced me to the buckwheat honey and I was sold. I have used this to substitute for brown sugar, and I can see why folks might compare it to molasses. The flavor is deep, almost earthy. Maybe a subtle hint of rye-like spice underneath the bigger dark caramel flavors.”


Buckwheat (Minnesota) Raw Honey

“Picked one up at their booth at a baseball game this previous summer and I'm nearly finished. I definitely will be purchasing again.”

– FROM Alexia Taylor, ABOUT THE

Lip Balm

“I love this type of honey. I bought it when I was in visit to a friend in Minneapolis and fall in love with this honey since then. I plan to order more.”

– FROM Yousef Sardahi, ABOUT THE

Bosque (Forest) Raw Honey