“this honey isn't for everyone. It's a totally different experience from what most people are used to. To be honest it doesn't smell that great, my wife didn't want to try it when I offered it to her because she said it smelled bad. But we both love it in cold brewed coffee, not so much in hot coffee. If you enjoy a good dark beer you'll probably like to try this stuff out. I'll definitely buy some more when I'm out.”


Buckwheat Raw Honey

“My husband has suffered with severe Eczema for most of his life. His hands are cracked, dry and bleed no matter what product he uses to try and find relief. We purchased this and the Pollinator scrub on a recent trip to the Mall of America and his hands have never felt better! I also use it on my dry hands and feet and it has done wonders! We are very thankful to Worker B for such a great product.”


Coconut Raw Honey Scrub

“I apologize now for the long review - this is the first product that I have felt so compelled to tell the world about. I cannot thank the creators of Worker B enough. I am so grateful my husband and I stumbled upon this wonderful company on our recent visit to the Mall of America! We tried a sample of their scrubs in store and decided to “think about it.” We were so impressed that our hands were still soft and well moisturized hours after we washed. My husband has suffered for most of his life with extreme Eczema on his hands that have led to excessive drying, cracking and bleeding. He is not usually one to get into my natural healing solutions, but for the first time he noticed an instant relief of symptoms shortly after washing and decided we should go back and get some of the scrubs. We found a location closer to where we were vacationing in MN. Little did we know, Google led us to their main offices where we had the awesome opportunity to meet Mike & Mike. They are wonderful souls who truly believe in the power of natural healing! We picked up some scrubs and lip balm. When Mike was explaining to us that the ingredients in the treatment stick and lip balm are the same, the idea wheels in my head began turning. I decided to try it on the Perioral Dermatitis around my mouth and nose that I had recently been diagnosed with. I wanted to find a natural alternative to the antibiotics and cream regimen the Doctor initially prescribed for me. I have spent hundreds of dollars on alternatives to try and find relief from PD. After countless attempts to find healing, I was starting to give up and felt like I was never going to get my clear skin back. I applied this to my PD that same night and went to bed. When I woke up the next morning, I noticed an 80% improvement of redness, flaking and size IN LESS THAN 12 HOURS!! I have never been successful at finding a product to help heal my PD and provide relief from the itching, burning and general discomfort it causes in such a short amount of time. I am a true believer. Thank you Worker B for giving me my self confidence back! I will be a Worker B user for life! :)”


Lip Balm

“Wonderful texture. Super moisturizing and smells great.”



“I just tried this for the first time. Ahhhh. My new favorite product of yours? I used this on my dry feet. They felt so soft, moisturized and smooth. I love this scrub and now want to try others.”


Pollinator Raw Honey Scrub

“I love using this before I shave. It makes my legs feel so silky and smooth. Love the scent too!”

– FROM Marisa Meyer, ABOUT THE

Grapefruit Raw Honey Scrub

“I absolutely LOVE the dusk serum, and my skin has never looked better! I have used it every evening as a moisturizer for the last 6 months. I am in my 40's but was asked the other day if I am 24...that's how good this serum is!! Try it--you won't regret it!! Plus, this is an amazing company to work with, and you are supporting not only local business, but our local bees!”


Dusk Serum

“The putty is meant more for overnight treatment of cuts, wounds or extreme dry patches. It would not work well for facial treatments during the day - it is intended to be tacky as it will stick in a wound. The Cream, Unscented Lotion, or Dawn Serum should work better.”

– FROM Worker B (Michael H), ABOUT THE

Rescue Putty

“This is my FAVORITE lip treatment of all time! And I have tried many. Excellent product!”


Treatment Stick

“i like it but i guess my dryness is just intense or just very very determined to be shown or maybe I'm not using this right. my entire chin area is riddled with hormonal acne and dry patches so i use this stuff very heavy on to just saturate it with relief because the acne hurts man, but since i need to during the day, its hard to put spot concealer over the acne due to the putty being so sticky and also when i need it during the day, my bottom half is so stick (but not visible thankfully) so if i touch my face on accident, i just come away with stick. not sure if this just isnt the right product for my needs either. at night time i like it cause i can stay in and bunker down but when i need it most during the day it doesnt really provide what i need. so a 3, id do a 3.5 if i could lol”

– FROM rssxman, ABOUT THE

Rescue Putty