“This is another of my favorite items. It leaves my skin feeling nourished, smelling fresh, clean, and hydrated. It comes in a travel size as well and it is great to have while traveling. It feels so nourishing. I mix the Worker B products with other brands. Sometimes I need a deep oil cleansing product and sometimes I need something gentle and lovely and this fits the bill. I use it about 90% of the time.”


Dawn Serum

“I have been a hairstylist for 28 years. Each winter my hands crack and bleed all winter. I would go to bed with all different remedies, creams and ointments even steroids and nothing worked! I put this putty on every night And I have not had one crack in my hands or fingers! This has been a miracle for me! I couldn’t be happier! I love love love this putty! Everyone’s getting Putty for Christmas!”

– FROM Kay Mariani, ABOUT THE

Rescue Putty

“This honey is POWERFUL!! All of the descriptors above definitely do the flavor profile justice... but it is hard to overstate just how Strong of a flavor profile it is-- I find it pretty overpowering in most typical "honey" applications, but does well in molasses substitutions!”

– FROM Mara Healy, ABOUT THE

Buckwheat (Minnesota) Raw Honey

“This lip balm is awesome! I was shopping in the Mall of America for the holidays & the owner was super nice as well! They were going to be in Chicago at the beginning of December which me & my boyfriend were going to go check it out, unfortunately we didn't have enough time! Definitely going to try out their other products!!!!”

– FROM cestbelle14, ABOUT THE

Lip Balm

“This is BY FAR the best lip balm I have ever tried! I have never found such a reliable, consistent, great product. Works every time, lasts a long time and cures any and all dryness and chap. Cant believe I lived without this and now don't intend to ever again! I have lent this product to friends and everybody has the same unbelievable results, can't thank this company enough for finally making a no fuss product that just does what you need it to do!”

– FROM Evangalene Mcleod, ABOUT THE

Lip Balm

“My daughter recently had a bone marrow transplant and has been suffering from Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD) from her new donor cells. We purchased recuse putty for my boyfriends hands and decided to try it on my daughters skin. The GVHD causes a red rash covering her entire body. Her feet were cracking and scalp peeling due to the severity of the disease. The first time using the putty on feet was a miracle! Her feet were 50% better the next morning. Her scalp 70% better! We’ve tried so many things to help her skin and once we tried this miracle in jar she finally felt some relief! We will keep buying as it’s now being used by all the people in my household!”

– FROM Chelsea Dinger, ABOUT THE

Rescue Putty

“This was the first product I tried. I went on to order more, but this remains my favorite. It works as a gentle scrub. The scent is light and pleasantly sweet. My favorite thing is to put it on when I get in the tub, soak and rinse it off when I’m getting out. My favorite use is as a cleaner or mask when I’m traveling. I hate that dried out feeling I get in a hotel. The face wash is a treat and the travel size is generous. Just a great product that leaves my skin feeling hydrated and sensual.”

“Thanks for your feedback about the treatment stick. There is a small perforation in the label about an inch from the top which lines up where the cap meets the tube underneath. Hold the tube in one hand and with your other hand give the cap a good twist and that should break the perforation. Alternatively you can peel off the top (cap-portion) of the label at the perforation line and the cap will be exposed. This opens similarly to our lip balm label which has a dashed black line indicating the location of the perforation line.”

– FROM Worker B (Michael H), ABOUT THE

Treatment Stick

“I just purchased the treatment stick. I’m sure the product is going to be amazing like all the other items I’ve purchased from you, but I can’t get the packaging open. Also, I had to look online to see how it was supposed to open. Again the products you produce are THE best, but wanted you to know about my struggles with the packaging.”


Treatment Stick

“I bought a sample of this at a street fair in chicago to help with a 2nd degree chemical burn I had given myself that was taking forever to heal. I was amazed that within a day of applying it, the skin was no longer painful and within 2 days it was no longer raw. Amazing! I am now using it for bug bites and small cuts with great success. I need to get a full jar; because even though a little goes a long way, the sample is practically empty now.”

– FROM Laura Staley, ABOUT THE

Rescue Putty