“Add a new dimension to your cheese and white wine it is not for everyone but try it you won't be disappointed, I wasn't.”


Buckwheat (Minnesota) Raw Honey

“One of my all-time favourite facial products! I use it in the evening but also as a moisturising base for my makeup and it makes for a flawless application in areas where makeup otherwise might settle into fine lines! I also love the bottle it comes in and find it so handy for travelling!”

– FROM Bee Pallesen, ABOUT THE

Dusk Serum

“Love this best! It' favorite for anything I use honey in. Snowberry enhances my baking and cooking especially, whether Italian, Asian, or whatever I'm cooking.”


Snowberry Raw Honey

“I have some pretty bad dry cracked hands in the winters and this stuff provides immediate relief for both myself and my partner. Most recently I have had some eczema issues in the inner corners of my eyes for probably like 2 months, my regular body lotion didn’t help, cortisone cream didn’t work but this did! I’m extremely happy with this product, it’s helped get some really painful and annoying skin issues to go away when all else failed!”


Scented Lotion

“One of my absolute favorite types of honey I love the texture it’s grainy yet smooth and the best Lehua and Star Thistle was a profound experience after not eating honey for several months/year 🌞🍯🐝🌼”

– FROM Kendra Milani, ABOUT THE

Lehua Raw Honey

“Thanks so much for your generous donation to the healthcare workers at the Bethesda Covid Hospital. The rescue putty is wonderful for our tired cracked skin from so much washing and hand sanitizer. We really appreciate your kindness and generosity and love the products you sent to us during nurse's week. All of the products sent were fabulous!!”

– FROM Vicki Slade, ABOUT THE

Rescue Putty

“I purchased this product last week. I love it already! It works wonderfully on my face and hands. It’s very moisturizing and makes my skin look and feel great. A tiny bit goes a long way. I will definitely be buying this again.”

– FROM Laureen Lashley, ABOUT THE

Scented Lotion

“OK. THIS REVIEW NEEDS TO BE IN ALL CAPS TO BROADCAST HOW INCREDIBLE THIS PRODUCT IS! I HAVE BEEN DEALING WITH CONTACT DERMATITIS AND ECZEMA FOR A YEAR AND 2 MONTHS. I HAVE TRIED aloe vera (directly from the plant, as well as packaged), petrolatum products, goat's milk products, Aquafor, Burt's Bees, Aveeno, Vanicream, Working Hands, and 3 prescription topical medications. I have also had an $800 allergy patch test and a handful of costly visits to dermatologists. The problem had to be addressed and cured due to the fact it was also on my eyelids (causing my eyes to swell shut). NONE OF THOSE PRODUCTS SOLVED THE PROBLEM. I USED THIS STICK FOR 3 DAYS AND THE ECZEMA ON MY HANDS AND FACE IS GONE. I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE WHO STRUGGLES WITH ECZEMA ISSUES TO BUY THIS PRODUCT! IT IS UNBELIEVABLE!! This is definitely a small business we all must keep afloat AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!”

– FROM Ann Mitchell, ABOUT THE

Treatment Stick

“Got this at the Mall of America honey store, Fantastic! Now I love it so much I have to order it during the coronavirus outbreak instead, can't be without it!”


Azahar (Citrus Blossom) Raw Honey

“I use this honey every single morning in my spicy cinnamon tea that I get from Caribou. It is smooth and tasty. My roommate tried it and now we go through a container every 2 weeks”

– FROM Jenn Thomas, ABOUT THE

Creamed Basswood Raw Honey