“I absolutely LOVE the feel of this on my face! It's so moisturizing but not greasy, absorbs nicely. And the pure ingredients! Almost the only thing I use on my face, other than water and the occasional face wash.”



“Love it! Cleans well, doesn't dry my skin at all, and has really kept my skin looking clear! My only note would be that the bottle can get slippery if kept in the shower, and mine broke when I accidentally dropped it. Keep it up Worker B!”

– FROM Davis Redmond, ABOUT THE

Botanical Cleansing Oil

“Really helped with my seasonal allergy symptoms! I take a little each day mixed into smoothie or coffee and it has made a huge difference in my itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, etc. I notice when I don’t have it for a few days.”


Bee Pollen

“I purchased the Coconut Raw Honey Scrub during a trip to the American Dream Mall in East Rutherford, NJ. This was my first time purchasing a body scrub as I have been looking for a natural scrub. After my first use….I couldn’t wait to reuse again. This scrub has my skin, feet and hands feeling silky and smooth after each use. The scent is perfect to my liking. I would definitely recommend this scrub.”

– FROM Teresa Drummond, ABOUT THE

Coconut Raw Honey Scrub

“This is my first review of any product I have purchased, but had to write this because the Worker B lotion bar has changed my life . . . that is no exaggeration. I have had severe psoriasis for over 25 years. My hands were embarrassing, The scaling on them was so thick I would do anything not to touch or shake hands with someone. Some were so thick I couldn't bend my figures. I had 3-5 fissures on my hands at any one time that would bleed daily. Using soap in a public restroom or hand sanitizer was a painful experience. I had to wear rubber gloves to cook and clean. The pain was incredible. I have, and am on, injections for my psoriasis, but it barely helps (I have tried 3 different brands). The only thing that helped was cortisone which I can not be on for long periods of time. I have more prescriptions, lotions, gels, and ointments than you can count for every place on my body, including eyelids. By chance at the beginning of the pandemic, I was watching one of those morning shows and they were talking about supporting small businesses. They highlighted Worker B. I thought it would be a good gift for my aunt and sister. I got one for each of them and for the heck of it I got one for myself. About 3 months ago (over a year later) I ran out of my prescription ointment which I put on my hands every night and wear with cotton gloves. I thought, I need to put something on my hands or I won't be able to bend them in the morning, So I opened, for the first time, my supply of the Worker B Lotion Bar. I put it on, it felt good (no alcohol which meant no pain in the cuts) I put on my gloves and went to sleep. The next morning, I was shocked, my hands were soft and didn't hurt. Over the next month, I used the lotion bar every night with my gloves discarding my prescription. The thick layers of skin began to peel off and my fissures began to heal. My family and friends could not believe the results. My hand look normal and don't bleed. My hand aren't 100%, but they are about 98% better. I still get some scaling but nothing like it was and it goes away in a couple of days with using Worker B. I have told, everyone about it, including my doctors. I am so grateful that I saw this on that morning show. I am a lifetime customer. Thank you.”

– FROM Christine Carbone, ABOUT THE

Lotion Bar

“I love the ingredients, but the dispenser does not work. This is the 3rd time I have had a bottle pump not work. I have to open the top and try to get the liquid on my face.”



“Bought this at the MN State Fair, and have used it for tea every day since! I have had no problems with the mug and enjoy its witty charm very much.”


I Want To Beelieve Mug

“I got this as a gift & I LOVE it. I love honey & love Raspberry, so it's perfect. I even put some in my herbal tea & it's great.”

– FROM Debbie Harvey, ABOUT THE

Raspberry Raw Honey

“Thank you for the review and sorry for the inconvenience. Apparently the last lotion batch had trace amounts of sugar due to concurrent raw honey scrub production in the vicinity. The latest lotion batch does not suffer from this problem. We would like to offer a replacement and will contact you directly. Thanks again.”


Summer Lotion

“I bought this Summer Lotion and it has little crystallized pieces in it that scratches my skin. Not happy with this purchase.”

– FROM Jill Di Nunzio, ABOUT THE

Summer Lotion