“Great candle! It’s hard to find actual bees wax candles that don’t have soy In them. Subtle smell of honey. I love It! Maybe I’m Just not burning It right though? It Just burns right down the middle and a lot Is left on the sides. I’m gonna have to DIY my own recycled candle for sure but I can’t help but feel like I probably did something wrong to make It do that. I am going to try the other shapes of candles and I’ll note If they do the same thing.”


Beeswax Travel Tin Candle

“This is a continued review. For those like me who have had tattoos redone and or have had tattoos, this also works on the healing. Figured I'd share my recent discovery. I had my tattoos redone and of course there is always that irritating "itch" that we all have to go through as the tattoo heals and peels. I figured since this works on severely chapped lips during exposure to the cold below zero winds of winter. this may work on tattoo healing which is in effect an "open wound" (damaged skin irritation and such. I found that this applied carefully, of course, gets rid of that horrendous itch for about 4 hours in my case. Although you have to reapply it. the procedure does work and helps a great deal when healing. The ingredients are similar to the Worker B Balm. The Tattoo has healed faster and now after 2 weeks is pretty much done healing. Snow burn I surmise with windburn is similar to sunburn so. if this worked this good, I may try it this summer. I've had tattoos since 1986 and I've used preparation H, lubriderm, aquaphor,all the way to old school cocoa butter and petroleum jelly-none of them have helped with the itch or even the rash that some tattoos have. Thought I'd share. Looks like I've found a convenient and easy to carry around as well as an effective tattoo "treatment and maintenance" system.”


Treatment Stick

“Really adore the cleansing oil <3 I wear pretty heavy eye makeup, and it’s the most effective way I’ve found to remove all of it and prevents my eyelids from drying out as a bonus. A little goes a long way, so it’s also my primary face wash when I travel and have limited packing space.”

– FROM Jennifer, ABOUT THE

Botanical Cleansing Oil

“Absolutely my favorite!!! Smells just like coffee, isn’t sticky and doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily which is good for my acne prone skin. It’s my go to scrub for years now. It leaves me soft for days. You can control how rough the scrub is depending on pressure because it has coffee grounds and epsom salts in it so it doesn’t melt away before you can get a good scrub in like other scrubs do. A use 1x/2x weekly and a bag lasts for months. It’s a pricer product but definitely worth it and organic ingredients.”

– FROM Ashley sue, ABOUT THE

Coffee Raw Honey Scrub

“This balm is amazing! I had purchased Worker-B lip balm at the Queens County Farm and I fell involve with it. I came online to purchase more lip balms and couldn't resist this balm. It works like magic on my dry hands (from constant hand-washing and sanitizer). The balm is not sticky and you get instant relief. I strongly recommend this amazing product; I am definitely coming back for more.”

– FROM Martha Vargas, ABOUT THE

All-Purpose Balm

“This is the most amazing putty. I purchased it at the Mall of America (during my visit) and will be ordering online from now on! For the first time I am dealing with dry “winter knuckles” (ugh…) and I can’t stand lotion. After three days my knuckles look healthy and healed - better than before! It healed my dry cuticles too! Love the soft honey smell too. Highly recommend!”


Rescue Putty

“Hello All-I was introduced to this when my family went shopping at Mall Of America, MN-This is the best! Keeping in mind I can only relate from personal experience-When I feel I'm about to get a cold sore or my lips chap during the cold Chicago winter months? This product stops it "dead on its' tracks!' The cold sore just plain stops and goes away! It never happens! My daughter relates the same experience with cold sores! Do not get the "Balm." Get the "Treatment Stick!'”


Treatment Stick

“Love this roller! It smells so fresh and the compact size is so convenient. I keep it in my purse and use it on my cuticles to moisturize my nails. Love this little pocket-size spa treatment!”

– FROM Brittanie, ABOUT THE

Pollinator Aromatherapy Roller

“I love this scrub and will definitely be getting more. I work a physical job and when my muscles are really sore this stuff helps a bunch (along with a couple of ibuprofen). I feel so much better getting into bed after work when I use this. My skin feels so smooth and smells so good, and it does ease a bit of tension in my muscles.”


Magnesium Muscle Raw Honey Scrub

“Re-ordering , best cleanser , enzyme tx , makeup remover ,”