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Perfect for the most sensitive skin – just two ingredients: organic olive oil and beeswax. Just two natural, whole ingredients to sooth. comfort, and protect hardworking hands. Beeswax provides defense against moisture loss while increasing circulation and softness. Olive oil nourishes deeply. Applied sparingly, a perfect everyday option; applied generously, a wonderful overnight treatment.A superb cream for all over body use – hands, body, feet, face: you name it! Great for teacher’s and nurse’s hands,newborns and dry/sore pet paw pads.

Nut Oil Free
Unscented/Natural Scent
Net Weight: 1.75 oz

Organic Olive Oil, Beeswax

Label & Packaging Notes
Floral illustration is of the Dutch Clover flower. This traditional blossom lends a rich, somewhat nutty flavor to raw honey.
Glass jar with plastic lid. Recyclable.


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Apply a small quantity regularly throughout the day. Reapply after washing with harsh soap or spending time in drying and tough environments. Overnight, apply more generously to wake up to softened, comforted skin. Rich, spreadable, creamy texture makes Worker B Cream excellent for hands and feet. Tough enough to survive a hand-washing.

  1. Jeanne

    This is my favorite. I love that it has two ingredients and that it goes a long way!

  2. heather (verified owner)

    i use this balm every single day throughout the day. it has many uses such as face cream, lip balm, cuticle cream (and my dawg likes it too). i have purchased it for friends and given samples as stocking stuffers. i do not use scented products or those with chemicals so this is perfect–it smells just like honey and is light and refreshing. i have used worker b products for many years now and they are a must have staple in my life.

  3. fpenansky

    I purchased this to use on my belly for pregnancy! With my first baby, I got tons of stretch marks and often had itchy, dry skin. Since using this every other day or so, I’ve experienced more comfort and no stretch marks!! It works even better than Burts Bees Mama Bees (what I used with my first). Today, I tried using it all over my legs instead of lotion after shaving and I’ve never felt so great!! Definitely will be purchasing again!

  4. heather (verified owner)

    i gotta have my worker b cream every day. i use it on my face, neck, lips, and cuticles. ordinarily i am very sensitive to fragrance–this cream has a light natural non-invasive honey scent that i can tolerate. it is indeed creamy & luxurious. i am 62 & this cream hydrates & soothes my face. i have given a few samples of it to friends who are mad about it now too.

  5. Deb

    Wonderful texture. Super moisturizing and smells great.

  6. Alysa Johnsen

    My dad, who spends most of his time working outside tending to free range chickens and baling hay, is a pretty tough and gritty guy. But, he always has a soft spot for his daughters. Yesterday, I told him I was going to give him a face massage (he was pretty red with sunburn) so I massage in the “worker b cream” and he fell in love. Don’t forget we are talking about a rugged farm guy, who is now asking for daily bee cream face massages. The cream helped the sunburn, visibly reducing redness in 2 days. He even asked for a hand massage with the stuff- his terribly rough hands now have less cracks on top, and don’t scratch me like sandpaper when he rubs my head (I have only given him,hand massages with cream at night for a week). Sadly, my week visit with my parents is coming to an end and he asked me to leave the bee cream behind. I hate to part with it but he loves it. I know what I’m getting him for christmas now.

  7. Emily B

    I love your cream, have been using it for several years, and will never stop loving or using it. Thank you for such an awesome product!

  8. Vanessa

    This works great on my hands. I love it! I wish this came in a larger size!

  9. Carol Hanson (verified owner)

    My skin is sensitive and I often end up with a red, bumpy rash on my lower legs after shaving. I started applying Worker B cream immediately afterward and it has eliminated the problem. No more skin irritation after shaving my legs! Thank you, Worker B!

  10. Jules

    I am a huge fan! I only use natural chemical free creams and this is my all time favorite! I use it throughout the day on my lips and hands for super soft skin. The natural smell is Delish too – fabu product!!

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