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Worker B is a three-person Minneapolis company celebrating our fourth year.  Our ingredients come straight from the hive, forming the base for our Skincare, Candle and Varietal Raw Honey Collections.  We hand-craft each product in small batches; performing all sourcing, manufacturing, and distributing ourselves.  As Worker B grows, so does our support of ethical, sustainable beekeepers!

New Worker B website is just a couple weeks away. We are excited. . .hope you are too!


Worker B T-Shirts


Worker B T-Shirts are now available for purchase online! All Worker B shirts are locally printed on Alternative’s Eco fabric. Four different options to choose from including Support Local Bees (black or grey), Queen Bee (green), and Drone (blue). Sizes from Small to 3X-Large. Baby Suits also available in the Support Local Bees style (black or grey), sizes from 6 to 18 months. All items feature a Worker B honeybee on the back, except the Queen (she gets a crown). Check them out here…

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Featured Customer Emails:

“B Putty
I have been using this product since Christmas and even with the extreme cold, I have not had any cracks on my fingers. Today at lunch two teachers came in with thumbs and fingers taped up – both were complaining about how painful they were. I told them about B Putty and next thing I know they were asking me to place an order for them. Truly…I have tried a dozen different remedies for cracks on fingers…nothing worked until I got this wonderful product from my daughter.”
Jeanette T.
– received via email 1/20/14

“I met up with you guys at the Baltimore Expo. Bottom line is that I have Raynauds Syndrome and it is so painful. My nails crack , peel away, my fingers swell and the cycle continues. I’m a chef in an Organic kitchen so it was easy to rule out harsh chemicals and any form of a contact inflammation. The nail degeneration occurs only on my right hand but I can see the progression quickly when it flares up.
Two weeks before the expo, I had NO finger nails or nail bed on 4 of the 5 fingers of my right hand. I’ve been using the Rescue Putty, just a small amount and now 2 fingers are near perfect with nails growing and no pain. The other 2 fingers have always been the worst but they are in the best condition that they have been in two years. Thank you for an amazing, clean product. A doctor wanted to give me a script for a topical that has formaldehyde in it! Well, that just wasn’t an option!
Gina D
** it’s also amazing on a nearly 24 inch beaded dred that weighs over a pound! **
– received via email 10/13/13

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Bee Collected. Be nourished. Worker B.