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Worker B is a three-person Minneapolis company celebrating our third year in business.  Our ingredients come straight from the hive, forming the base for our Skincare, Candle and Varietal Raw Honey Collections.  We hand-craft each product in small batches; performing all sourcing, manufacturing, and distributing ourselves.  As Worker B grows, so does our support of ethical, sustainable beekeepers!


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Pure beeswax candles are admired for their clean bright flame, soft honey aroma, and exceptional burn time. Worker B beeswax candles are hand-poured using sustainably sourced 100% pure beeswax with all-cotton wicks.  Learn more here…

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Featured Customer Emails:

“B Putty
I have been using this product since Christmas and even with the extreme cold, I have not had any cracks on my fingers. Today at lunch two teachers came in with thumbs and fingers taped up – both were complaining about how painful they were. I told them about B Putty and next thing I know they were asking me to place an order for them. Truly…I have tried a dozen different remedies for cracks on fingers…nothing worked until I got this wonderful product from my daughter.”
Jeanette T.
- received via email 1/20/14

“I met up with you guys at the Baltimore Expo. Bottom line is that I have Raynauds Syndrome and it is so painful. My nails crack , peel away, my fingers swell and the cycle continues. I’m a chef in an Organic kitchen so it was easy to rule out harsh chemicals and any form of a contact inflammation. The nail degeneration occurs only on my right hand but I can see the progression quickly when it flares up.
Two weeks before the expo, I had NO finger nails or nail bed on 4 of the 5 fingers of my right hand. I’ve been using the Rescue Putty, just a small amount and now 2 fingers are near perfect with nails growing and no pain. The other 2 fingers have always been the worst but they are in the best condition that they have been in two years. Thank you for an amazing, clean product. A doctor wanted to give me a script for a topical that has formaldehyde in it! Well, that just wasn’t an option!
Gina D
** it’s also amazing on a nearly 24 inch beaded dred that weighs over a pound! **
- received via email 10/13/13

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Bee Collected. Be nourished. Worker B.