Buckwheat (Minnesota) Raw Honey

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Hard to find!  A more subtle buckwheat with intense chocolate tones and subtle hay flavors.   Say hello on ice cream, pair with goat cheese, or step up your hot chocolate game... perhaps spiked with Bailey's?

Flavor Notes: Robust, Molasses, Chocolate, Malt
Net weight: 12 oz

Minnesota, USA

Raw Buckwheat (Minnesota) Honey

Label & Packaging Notes
Glass jar with metal lid. Recyclable.

* Disclaimer - raw honey crystallizes naturally; warm gently to liquefy or enjoy as is.  Worker B cannot guarantee raw honey will be liquid upon delivery.


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  • Mix with Hot Water and Lemon for a cool weather elixir.
  • A finishing touch to a Green Bean, Carrot, Chile and Almond stir fry.
  • Mix with a touch of butter for a pancake topping.
  • Use in baking rich breads.
  1. Ann

    Makes a rich, spiced gingerbread. I always run out during my Christmas baking.

  2. C in WA

    I was meh on honey (yes it’s sweet, but sugar is less expensive) – I just didn’t think the subtle flavor was worth paying for when sugar was ‘good enough’.

    This buckwheat honey fixed that lack of appreciation! It has actual flavor, carmel-y and roast-y, like roasted nuts but with no nut flavor.

    It’s delicious and is the only type of honey I’ll buy.

    I’m a beekeeper – I enjoy watching the bees, but harvest has never been my favorite part of the year. I always felt a little guilty for being a beekeeper who doesn’t like honey, but now realize that I enjoy honey… IF it has flavor, like buckwheat honeys!

  3. Tim

    Add a new dimension to your cheese and white wine it is not for everyone but try it you won’t be disappointed, I wasn’t.

  4. Dan R

    This stuff is what turned me on to this company. I never knew honey could have such deeply complex flavor. I met the owner in one of their storefronts and his passion for honey was infectious. After describing other food/drink flavor profiles I like he introduced me to the buckwheat honey and I was sold.
    I have used this to substitute for brown sugar, and I can see why folks might compare it to molasses.
    The flavor is deep, almost earthy. Maybe a subtle hint of rye-like spice underneath the bigger dark caramel flavors.

  5. Mara Healy

    This honey is POWERFUL!! All of the descriptors above definitely do the flavor profile justice… but it is hard to overstate just how Strong of a flavor profile it is– I find it pretty overpowering in most typical “honey” applications, but does well in molasses substitutions!

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