For the Winter Bicyclist or Cross Country Skier

Our Treatment Stick is a must-have windsheer for anyone who enjoys Minnesnowtan sports or cycling. Gift it on it’s own, or shop the MN Survival Kit with the mini version and two other dry skin helpers (Lip balm, Cream, and Rescue Putty).


For the Holiday Host

Share the magic of summer all winter long by gifting bee-made products to friends and family. Candles make wonderful host gifts: you can choose between two sizes of hex candles online, or shop in person for our extra-special bayberry blend tree candles–just for this holiday season!

And if you are in charge of appetizers or beverages, get creative with our unique varieties of honey. Hot drinks, cocktails, charcuterie? We’ve got you covered.

For the Makeup Enthusiast

Primer is an essential step in the beauty routine. To keep those killer looks shining day and night, use Lip Balm and Dawn Serum before applying lip colors and foundation.


For the New Parents

Celebrate baby bee with a cozy little onesie as part of a gift basket. Pre- and post-pregnancy bellies will appreciate the luxurious and nutrient-rich Lotion Bar. And for everyone’s sake, include gentle yet effective Cream or Treatment Stick to help prevent or relieve diaper rash.



For the Yogi or Gym Goer

Our new Magnesium Scrub soothes sore muscles and would be a great gift for folks who like to work theirs all through the winter! Gift a comfy “Support Local Bees” Baseball Tee that lets your body breathe while you stretch, meditate, or work out.